I am Dr Grant Wilson, a Lecturer within the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. I am passionate about energy data visualisation and public engagement.

This is a personal project, it is linked to my research and I’ve also found it to be a helpful teaching resource. I would be delighted if others found the charts to be helpful too.

I strongly believe that the debate surrounding Great Britain’s energy transition is supported by better access to historical energy data. There are several websites and apps that already do this in different ways – and my aim is that this website will add to the energy data landscape.

I also strongly believe in the need to think about energy systems in a Whole Systems manner – and that the transition of deriving greater amounts of primary energy from variable renewable resources requires a more granular approach to modelling and energy data reporting.

This is explored in the open access paper at http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fenrg.2016.00033/full  which describes the Shared Axis Energy Diagram. Having access to daily information regarding supply and demand of various energy vectors will be a key aspect of managing any country’s future energy supply. If a country does not currently have the data in place to provide a Shared Axis Energy Diagram at a daily basis – this should flag up a gap to put monitoring in place in order to provide this data.

The underlying data are publicly available from National Grid’s and Elexon’s websites.

The charts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonDerivatives 4.0 International License by i.a.g.wilson (at) bham.ac.uk